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Intimate massage for men from the masters in the salon Caprice

The massage are all the little things – the interior, the feeling, the atmosphere. But the most important is, of course, the masseuse, her appearance, her mood. We understand how important it is for our beloved guests and strive to give only the best because we have the best masseuses in Rostov-na-Donu girls with an impeccable reputation and rich experience. Every girl:

has all the menu technicians perform a sensual massage for men;

maybe make it so that you will completely forget about the troubles of the last busy day or week;

intuitively feels that will help you unwind and get pleasure;

will find an individual approach to each guest;

has amazing charisma, charm, charm, personality.

The cost of services of an intimate massage for men depends on the selected programs and content. All massages are performed fully naked girls using natural aromatic oils and odourless. There is no hesitation and tension in our apartment, everything is focused on the interaction of the masseuse and the guest.

Our salon is chosen because:

in each shift work at least five girls, so you can choose the one that you like;

we have a free Supplement — a compliment from the administration in the form of free swimming with a girl before the session;

for regular guests discounts, promotions and loyalty programs (e.g. the extension of the session there is a discount in the amount of ten percent of the value of all selected programs and supplements);

we give fifteen free minutes every weekday when you visit a massage parlor from eight in the morning till six o'clock.

Massage services in the erotic salon can be combined with a relaxing treatment, massaging oils into the skin, the touch of the masseuse chest and other parts of the body, the ability to touch elastic hot body girls during the session. If you want a guest girls can put on a erotic show for even more aesthetic pleasure. Massage services are available upon request or by visiting guest massage-salon, around the clock.

If you are not satisfied with services of the same girl, it is possible to invite to the session two or more masseuses. Our services are not ashamed to offer your friends, business partners. You may be here for a bachelor party, celebrate a meaningful event in your life or just relax after a busy day.

With love and care about each!

A network of massage parlors "Caprice" in Rostov-on-don.

We have something to surprise you!

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