Whim North:
Caprice West:
Hermitage Rooms:

Evdokimova street 82/71

37 Union St.

St. Predmetnika 2A

Sex services
not available!


  • Address: Caprice West
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Hips: 92 cm
  • Bust: 3,5
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Modest sweetheart on the outside and passionate devil inside - it's about our Bella. It is able to ignite and provoke absolutely any man, and she lit the fire of passion goes out for a long time. Waiting for you with her unstoppable, uheroticheskii massage whirlpool of passion and sexual madness! Mind-blowing caress with lips, fingers and Breasts will bring you to the seventh heaven - such moments are not forgotten!

To go to her for massage

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