Whim North:
Caprice West:
Hermitage Rooms:

Evdokimova street 82/71

37 Union St.

St. Predmetnika 2A

Sex services
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  • Address: Hermitage
  • Height: 162 cm
  • Hips: 82 cm
  • Bust: 2
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Roxanne is a very experienced masseuse, slim as a stick! Loves to show her body, loves to flirt with the guests. Able to ignite a spark in every man. And its neat and trim figure exactly to your taste. Massage technique it at the highest level. Her soft and delicate fingers will bring you to deep relaxation. And when they start to playfully descend lower and lower, you will come to the indescribable delight. Don't even know whether there are people who can restrain themselves during such ordinances... Her guests, literally worship her and in one voice declare that her erotic massage is a huge talent. See for yourself!

To go to her for massage

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