Whim North:
Caprice West:
Hermitage Rooms:

Evdokimova street 82/71

37 Union St.

St. Predmetnika 2A

Sex services
not available!


  • Address: Caprice North
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Hips: 95 cm
  • Bust: 4
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Nastya is a unique girl. It combines the charm and modesty, shyness and sexuality. The ranks of her fans constantly updated - you can become one of them! Rolled up at work? Want to get real pleasure from the erotic massage? I want to try new experiences? Then our Nastya - the perfect choice! It confirms your professionalism and dedication to work 100 percent. The time you spend alone with her, will remain in memories for years to come!

To go to her for massage

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