Whim North:
Caprice West:
Hermitage Rooms:

Evdokimova street 82/71

37 Union St.

St. Predmetnika 2A

Sex services
not available!


  • Address: Hermitage
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Hips: 100 cm
  • Bust: 3
To go to her for massage

Young, fragile and friendly Christina will prove You that she is a true professional and understands what You need. Always open to pleasant and in a position to communicate. Christina is a true connoisseur of classic therapeutic and erotic massage. But the novelty of the sensations of the massage Selfish in the performance of this fragile nymph will make You go through the entire palette of the most profound and vivid erotic sensations. You should see Christina in a Lesbian Show, you will understand that angel eyes is hiding a lover of sensual spicy and erotic show!

To go to her for massage

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