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Sex services
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Massage programs for men

Massage programs for men

Crazy-menu & spicy additives
The Program "MS"


The Program Of "Bounty"

The program "Classic plus"

The program "Ft-euphoria"

The program is "Spicy plus"

Program "The Royal"

Program "Lady body"

The Program "Aquamarine"

The program "Boss life"

The program "the Secret sense"

The Program "Gentle"

The program "Boss life plus"

The Program Is "Selfish"

The program "Boss life exclusive"

The program "Temptation of the Maximilian"

The Program "Passion"

The program "Spa relax for one"

The program "Fire and ice"

The program "Passion in the Hammam"

The program "Spa-relaks exclusive to one"

The program "Passion exclusive"

The program "Passion exclusive in the Hammam"

The program "Spa relax Duo"

The Program "Harem"

Program "relax Spa Duo exclusive"

SPA Supplements

Scrub of the whole body

3 000

Russian fun (Sauna)

2 000 rubles

Overseas fun (Hammam)

2 000 rubles

Deposit club

3 000

Peel stop***

4 000

Massage for men in the salons of aesthetic pleasure "Caprice" in Rostov-on-don is the sea of joy that will give You our sexy Babes. During the massage, each guest is immersed in a world of peace and relaxation, and at the end of all programs You will recharge your batteries and feel refreshed, renewed and happy.

What erotic massage we can offer You?

We have a wide selection of massage programs to You, beloved men, that everyone could find for himself what he had long desired. So, what would you like?

And much more. Details you can always contact our administrators by phone round-the-clock hot line 8 800 222-39-79.

The cost of massage for men in our salons depends on the programme You have chosen and content, and duration. On the final price of erotic massage is also affected by the number of participating girls-masseuses, the use of special additional devices and others are discussing with the guest's wishes.

Why the "Whim"?

We invite you to visit us so that you can lay down your opinion about our salon network. A relaxing massage is your whim, carried out by one of our experienced masseuses. It's worth a try because:

  1. Any, even the most short erotic programs, just to relax from the skillful touch of delicate female hands and hot body girls.
  2. Each guest can order a customized program with special content, given any number of relaxation.
  3. All of the charming employee have unique techniques that they will gladly show you.
  4. "Caprice" has prepared a surprise for every guest: at the beginning of each free swim together with a girl, providing contact between the participants of the session.
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